Sacred Sexual Healing

Yoni Massage and Sensual Awakening

Yoni Journeys

Awaken your bliss, your soma, your life force. 

Awaken your creativity, heart swelling receptivity and sensuality. 

Heal pain, numbness and disconnection. Come back to your pleasure and your body’s potential. 

Pleasure and erotic existence are your birthright. Drink from the infinite well of nectar that pours to us when we are in connection through our whole channel to the love and inspiration of the cosmos.  

Unravel tension, support pelvic and yoni health, fertility and pleasure.  Find reconnection to self and other, coaching and take home practices deepen wholistic in-session care tailored to your individual needs. 

First gateway ~ Communion

Deep listening, empathic scanning, being felt, seen, heard and understood.

Second gateway ~ Bodywork

Establish trust, soften tension, create touch alchemy, awaken deep receptivity.

Third gateway ~ Flower essences

Be vibrationally supported between sessions, engage self-responsibility, go deeper.  This gateway is also accompanied by take home practices.

Fourth gateway ~ Sensual Touch

Full body devotional touch, engaging your eros, surrendering to the goddess, honouring your yes and no, consent, clearing blocks to pleasure and receptivity.

Fifth gateway ~ Yoni Massage* Ritual

Full body devotional touch, ritual, consent, the yoni portal, surrender, softening, intention setting, integration.

Sixth gateway:~ Aftercare

Take home body love pack, follow-up call and check in, home care recommendations.

*please note ~ this journey is available to all genders and sexual orientations

The length of this journey varies from person to person, their needs and where they are at, each gateway progression will be discussed and decided together from a place of deep listening and feeling.