Akin to Shape Shifter and Isis the Goddess of 1000 names, Maddison embodies many frequencies and skins, although these orbit, her core is that of deep sensitivity, love and compassion.

As a Channel for Healing, the part of Maddison that walks the medicine path is interwoven with deep ancestral wisdom, shamanic practices, ancient mystery, unconditional love and goddess transmissions. 

Blessed to have high-end Spa Industry experience and extensive, multifaceted training, Maddison’s practice although deeply esoteric is rooted in 12 years experience working with countless clients from Ballerinas to CEOs, Young adults to the elderly. 

Maddison thrives dancing the intersection of dreaming and doing, fire in her heart and power in her stride, As her capacity for healing expands so too do her offerings, from Relaxation Massage, Hot Stones, Body Treatments and Facials, to studying Remedial Massage at RMIT; then going on to become a Yoni Massage Practitioner.  

Channelled Song also became a part of her sessions as she opened and evolved with time, alongside the integration of Australian Bush Flower Essences, that were interwoven from 2014.  Bringing people back to their pleasure and potential through the transmission of love and magick is where she finds her cup overflowing.  

A deeply creative spirit she balances this giving with her personal art and movement practices, which she loves to share to inspire and activate others to do the same. 

It is her joy and activism to facilitate therapeutic safe space in which female bodied beings can ignite their power through healing pain and numbness, inviting them gently into their embodied receptivity and sensual re-awakening.

"the body heals itself if you show it where to go and that it is safe to do so, honour yourself by reaching out, After all your holding, be held."

Maddison Sharman