Bespoke Bodywork

 “Our bodies serve us every day, holding us up, navigating infinite potential and carrying us ever forward. In this service they can often also hold dormant emotions and untold stresses. Our bodies are not built to carry trauma or stress for too long and the propensity we may have to allow this – often unconsciously – can perpetuate pain, illness or discontent.  May we allow time and love for our bodies so they can journey well.”

Maddison Sharman

Bespoke Body Work is the initial gateway to working with Maddison one on one.

Initial consultations are 90 minutes and are tailored to your needs in the lead up to and on the day of the session.  Designed just for you; to meet, receive and allow for where you are at, listening deeply to what is to move through the healing portal of the session.

Massage, Sound Healing, Channeled Song and Energy Healing are alchemised to bring a resonance of harmony; physically, emotionally and energetically.

Detailed below are the modalities through which these sessions are designed.  

Design your own bespoke experience...

Relaxation massage

Remedial massage

Hot Stone massage

Australian Bush Flower essences

Coaching & Distant healing


Sound healing

Relaxation Massage

With a focus on bringing warmth and blood flow to the musculoskeletal system, this gentle and nourishing form of bodywork will restore your natural state of peace and tranquillity while increasing mobility and general well-being. 

Release in the body to allow softening of the mind and emotions. Release in the emotional body to allow expansion and grounding of the spirit.

Please note that within Remedial sessions, relaxation techniques will be used, though focused deep tissue work will follow after.

Remedial massage

A form of Bodywork and muscular manipulation that is informed by an in depth understanding of the body anatomically and physiologically  to allow and support natural healing mechanisms.  

Maddison will work with TCM, Relaxation and Remedial Massage Therapy techniques. Trigger Point Therapy is incorporated to work with deep pressure in an effective and potent way, Deep Tissue Massage is not necessary to the entire body if the application of deep work is used in a focused way on the correct points of dysfunction.  

A natural call and response will unfold between the client and therapist to ensure the depth of inquiry is within a comfortable therapeutic range.  Allow the potent unravelling of tension and stress. Cupping and acupressure may be used if appropriate for your individual requirements.   

Maddison is a Qualified Remedial practitioner and incorporates the knowledge and science of these systems into her own unique style of healing. Please note that this is not a clinical treatment and does not always involve the same assessment as Remedial Massage in a clinical setting.  

Communicate your needs and if at any point you envisage something specific, please share your expectations so your requirements can be met where possible.


The following conditions may need clearance from a doctor before proceeding with any massage therapy:

  • Fever
  • Blood clots, thrombosis
  • After recent surgery
  • Acute inflammation (chronic OK with care)
  • Directly after trauma – whiplash, fractures, sprains etc.
  • Cancers – still undergoing treatment
  • Directly over varicose veins
  • Skin conditions – for example; sores, psoriasis, eczema, burns (or any other that may pose a risk of infection)

Hot Stone Massage

Using Volcanic Basalt Stones to bring heat into the body to help restore, relax and re-oxygenate tissue. This deeply relaxing massage modality is perfect for muscular tension and stress, especially in the colder months of Winter and Autumn.  An ancient healing practice used for thousands of years across cultures and continents, anchored in contemporary understanding.  Truely a blissful and transcendent healing experience. 

Hot Stone Massage is contraindicated if any of the following conditions apply to you : 

Any condition where the client has a loss of sensation, including Neuropathy, Diabetes, Peripheral Vascular Disorder

  • Injury or trauma where nerves have been affected
  • Throughout Pregnancy (due to the rise in body temperature)
  • Psychotic conditions, epilepsy
  • Any dysfunction of the nervous system
  • Anyone with a depressed immune system, including Lupus, Epstein Barr, Mononucleosis, HIV/AIDS, Cancer; anyone on Chemotherapy or Radiation treatments
  • Sunburn, Psoriasis, Skin cancer, Burns, Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, Shingles, Herpes, or any acute inflamed skin condition.

 Only available as a 90 minute consultation.

Pregnancy Massage

A nurturing and safe way to receive hands on healing during pregnancy.   Regular sessions with experienced and nurturing practitioners of holistic health is a powerful way to walk the pregnant path.  Maddison has formal training in Pregnancy Massage, through her Remedial Massage qualification at RMIT and over a decades experience with mamas to be.

You have the option of using a specially designed ‘pregnancy pillow’ with breast and belly support to have that face-down massage feeling.  This works best in earlier pregnancy, whereas side lying with appropriate pillow support is recommended later into gestation. 

In your holding, be held, in your nourishing, be nourished, allow your softening to be supported.  Please ensure gestation is past the first trimester upon booking. Thorough communication prior to the session about any relevant medical information is imperative for your session to be tailored for you appropriately. 

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences are a gentle yet potent medicine, made from the vibrational imprint of Australian native indigenous flowers.   Flower essences have a very long history that spans many cultures.  Plants are our allies, they clothe, nourish, heal and house us.  Flower Essences work on the spiritual and emotional bodies to create change in the physical body.   Maddison incorporates flower remedies into bespoke sessions as an additional service after hands on or coaching sessions.   

Coaching & Distance healing

This modality is offered for those clients who cannot see Maddison in person but would still like to work with her for Reiki/ energy healing, coaching and/or bespoke bush flower essences. 

Very deep transmissions are possible within this container as time and space is relative and energy work transcends the limitations of the material.


An ancient practice of energy healing passed on through teachers and masters for thousands of years. It is a channelling of universal ‘life force’ or unconditional love energy and comes through the hands of the practitioner to the client with or without direct touch to the clients body.   Maddison has received her level 1 and 2 Reiki training and is a qualified and attuned Reiki channel.  Reiki can be integrated into bespoke body work sessions alongside massage or as a session on its own.


Cupping is an Ancient Healing practice used in TCM as well as a myofascial massage technique incorporated into deeper tissue massage to oxygenate tissue and efficiently bring back circulation into an area of stagnation or dysfunction.

Sound healing

For eons, sound has been a healing force on earth. In simplicity, we sing to crying infants, we soothe our children with the songs we were sung.  Sound is healing, sound is vibration.

We are vibrating matter and healing songs and healing sounds can vibrationally shift our beings into pure calm and bliss. Through empathic scanning, Maddison will feel into the energetic blockages in your system and weave channelled song and vocal vibration bringing harmony to your being.

Opening to allow transmission from other sources of love and wisdom, you will be sung home to yourself.