Obsidian Yoni Egg

Obsidian ~The sacred smudge stone of the Crystal Queendom. Absorb and deflect anything blocking the flow of life force energy from your sacred sex. Can be used as a self love practice to bring healing and presence. Energetically charge and cleanse under a full moon, wash with warm soapy water before and after use. Helps also tonify tissues of vagina, lower abdomen and urogenital diaphragms, supporting the healthy articulation of this area and it’s capacity to hold our vital life force energy. Connecting with more depth to the yoni portal, inviting sensitivity and healing from numbness and pain.
Find a way to insert your yoni egg through the natural receptivity of the labial gateway without push to allow the crystal to be supped into the vagina lovingly. When first using trial shorter journeys with your egg, with a 10-20 minute meditative practice for example. Then experiment with keeping it in longer for a couple of hours at a time. To release the egg; squat and gently birth it out of your yoni or allow it to drop into your underwear. Trust in this process and that it will be released if you relax and use gravity also.


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